What we do.

Anvi provides one platform integration with different devices and systems.  With the high integration capability, user can manage and process their operations in a unified platform.

  • System Integration– We connects to with many devices and systems, manage operational data into one single platform

  • Hosting – Our platform can be hosted in completed cloud-based solutions or other environments

  • Single Sign-on (SSO) – Easier password management, reduce the security risk, and improve the productivity

  • Disaster Recovery – Our designs support data loss prevention and ensure the business contingency

  • Accessibility – User can access to the platform at anytime, anywhere around the world

  • Backups – Our platform support high-availability and real-time backups


Fog and edge computing provide significant advantages for processing data close to the source, thereby alleviating latency issues, reducing data transmission costs and reducing network congestion. We can add more fog servers to manage hardware bottlenecks. The number of systems and hardware supported by the platform is basically unlimited.

Our solutions

People Counting Solution

“Our people counting solution is one of the market most successful tool to manage pedestrian on their premises. Our customer includes casinos, resorts, shopping malls and retail stores.”

Integrated Parking System

“Our Integrated Parking System is one of most advanced system in the market. It can run in purely cloud based and support latest browsers. Moreover, our car parking system also support centralized server management for multiple sites.”

Service Tracking Solution

“Our Service Tracking Solution is for operation to manage their service team works, including manage pictures before and after service, service status updates and track-and-trace parts update status. This application also ready mobile application for site workers.”