We are expert on hardware – software integration. Our team are well equip electronics and computer system developing skill to assist clients doing complicated integration projects in effective manner. Client could achieve a cost effect and enjoyable system transformation.

We make system customization easy. Anvione platform is designed for system integration. Our team could assist customers to do complicated integration work in effective way. Customer could achieve system transformation in cost effective manner.

Our platform can be installed in any platform. Other than special required hardware or system request, our platform can be installed in any platform, not limited to Windows, Linux or MacOS.

Our system is highly secured. All our system communication, database and password are encrypted. Moreover, solutions  are complied with OAuth2.0 authorization framework, which allows a user to grant limited access to their resources from site to site without having to expose their credentials.

Our system is on fog-edge design, data will buffered to fog servers. And from fog servers, data will synchronized and centralized to cloud server with redundancy setup, In addition, our system already support high-availability use depends on customer requests.

We support all systems and hardware provide open API. Moreover, we also support collecting data (and transmitting data) from purely I/O signals,   industrial protocols (for example, Modbus, BACNet, etc.) and different communication protocols from specific PLC models.


Our engineers not only familiar with software and systems designs, we also familiar with hardware and industrial standards. We willing to provide our customer an one-stop and risk free experience on system integration and system development.


Hardware and software support

Always There For You

We are not just provide system supports, but also provide support on different hardware used in the industry.

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Online and office services

Taking Care of Business

We provide online and offline services to make sure our customers have a enjoyable experience on system use.

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Highly secured system

Power of the cloud

Our system is highly secured. The risk of data leaking and system hacking is minimized.

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Our system is running on cloud servers in securely managed data center with high system uptime. Moreover, our system also support high-availability setup which could further boost our system to nearly without downtime.